Pain Management Injections & Procedures

If you suffer from spine pain or joint pain, relief is closer than you think. Diagnostic Health Alaska offers a broad range of diagnostic and therapeutic pain management procedures that will not only provide pain relief, but also help determine the cause of your pain so you and your physician can develop an appropriate treatment plan.

Exceptional Service and so much more!

We know you have a choice in where to have your pain management injection or procedure performed. At DHA, our unique combination of service, knowledge, compassion and technology sets us apart from other imaging centers, and we provide each patient with the highest quality care.

We offer:

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How to Prepare for Your Injection Procedure:

For all injection procedure patients

Specific instructions will be provided to you based on your scheduled exam type, however general instructions are as follows:

  • Most injection procedures will require that you have a driver. There is a numbing agent used within the solution for your comfort; it will wear off later in the day. Due to this, it could cause inability to operate a vehicle safely. Your scheduler and technologist will go over this with you depending on your exam.
  • Do not take any blood thinners or NSAIDS – discontinue blood thinners and full-strength aspirin 7 full days before your procedure, and baby aspirin 3 full days before your procedure.
  • If you are taking any medications, contact us immediately at (907) 729-5800 to be cleared prior to your procedure. Some medications may be contraindicated for your procedure, and we want to ensure your safety and comfort during and after your procedure.
  • A technologist will reach out to you to complete a thorough prescreening interview, and to answer any questions or concerns you may have prior to your procedure.
  • Wear comfortable clothing the day of your procedure.

We are a low-cost imaging provider.

Did you know you can save 30-50% by choosing Diagnostic Health Alaska for diagnostic imaging?* We offer insurance verification, and we can provide estimated out-of-pocket costs prior to your scan. We also have competitive rates for our cash-pay patients.

* Depending on your circumstances and when compared to hospital-based medical imaging rates